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Our goal is to use all available resources, to analyze and simplify the complex nutrition field. We create innovative, research-based interventions and service programs, which modify meal patterns and food choices of each individual.

Nutrition Counseling
Diabetes Education
Exercise Coaching
Counseling and Training   Flexible, Client Oriented, Individualized Packages!





Judy Hagler, Former  Teacher

Jelena is the best trainer I’ve ever worked with. Her positive attitude is infectious, and her sense of humor always made our workouts fun! I’m amazed at her comprehensive knowledge of mind, body, spirit, and I highly recommend Jelena to anyone who wants to live a better, fit life! 


Judy Schilling, Business Owner

I had an excellent experience with Jelena as a personal trainer and a nutritionist. My doctor told me that my blood pressure numbers were getting too high and I need to start the medication therapy. I asked him to give me one month. After ascertaining my base situation, she created a positive, pro-active plan for me. She explained portion sizes, food choices, hydration, etc., always using easy-to-understand materials. And she made it fun and enjoyable, which is important! My blood pressure normalized within one month. 

After five years I am still benefiting from her program. 

I give her “five stars “ and would recommend her to anyone wishing to obtain better health. 


Karen Lazzaro, Gym Manager

Jelena worked at the gym as a personal trainer and a nutritionist. She had her own nutrition program and clients loved the results they were getting, because it was so easy to understand, and apply in their daily lives. All they had to do is answer a few questions about their lifestyle habits and Jelena would find the solutions for them. While it may seem like a challenging nutrition program, other personal trainers were implementing it with their clients, as well. They’ve gained the confidence and have learned enough, to be nutrition professionals themselves. I have to say that I was really impressed. I was not the only one either—based on the number of responses from our customers and our personal trainers, I'd say they were impressed too.

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