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Swift Nutrition Coaching is a new and advanced approach for a fitness field. Yet, it has been successfully used within health and counseling fields for quite some time. The essence of this program is to narrow down clients’ daily routine and figure out which habits have lead to weight gain over the years. Clients simply answer the questions, which steer them to the answers, later tips are given out in handouts. Counseling sessions, in this program, have been broken down into the short coaching sessions, and modified for use in any fitness facility or in your client’s home.

Lifestyle Patterns


Lifestyle Patterns educational programs are becoming very popular among health professionals, especially in the weight management field. Most certifications mention that fitness professionals may provide a nutrition advice based on Dietary Guidelines, but there aren’t any step by step directions, on how exactly it should be done. Swift Nutrition Coaching program clarifies the details and provides educational materials. After all, we are on the same mission to fight obesity, to increase physical activity level, to modify nutrition habits, and to improve the quality of life, in general, for our clients.
Even though fitness professionals have some restrictions when it comes to giving a nutrition advice to their clients, there certainly shouldn’t be any limitation in their knowledge. Clients need to be empowered to make the changes necessary, to achieve a more healthful lifestyle. Fitness professionals do have an advantage, since nutrition counseling could be collaborated with the training sessions, where they can use motivational interviewing in each and every session. Our mission is to provide a place where nutritionists and fitness professionals can connect and exchange their knowledge. Join the Pro Lodge!
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