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Jelena Skopinceva, MS



I am a nutritionist with a masters of science degree in nutrition education from Montclair State University. I got my bachelor of science degree in dietetics from the same school. I know nutrition is my calling and fitness is my passion. My mission is to pass on the wisdom from my academics, professional and personal experiences to help others lead a healthy and enjoyable life. I have extensive experience in counseling overweight adults and children and helping them to improve their lifestyle. What makes me unique in this field is my experience with my own personal battle. Obesity is a long standing problem in my family. My journey began when at fifteen years old, one of my friends told me that I was getting fat. This one comment was the springboard into the beginning of my learning journey. I bought one of my first diet books and joined my first step-aerobic class. I have tried a lot of diets and I have learned one fact for sure, diet alone does not work, improving and changing your lifestyle does!​
​I am also a personal trainer certified by the American Council on Exercise. In addition to my personal trainer’s certification, I also have three other certifications. One is to train young adults, the other certification is in training middle-aged and older clientele. Both certifications are approved by American Council on Exercise. Exercise, as you know, is a big part of a healthy lifestyle at any age.  I believe that all fitness programs should be based on the individual's abilities and preferences.  My last but not least, certification is from the American College of Sports Medicine, which allows me to help and train cancer patients. It is the latest step in my profession. As research by National Cancer Institute shows, Nutrition and Exercise are known as preventive measures against certain types of cancer and they are considered vital when it comes to recovery. I am also a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, an active member of the Oncology Nutrition DPG (Dietetic Practice Group) and Sports, Cardiovascular, and Wellness Nutrition (SCAN) DPG.                                                                                                               


Health and Nutrition Risk Assessment with in depth nutrition analysis and body composition testing for individual strategies are provided. One on one counseling, coaching and teaching will help clients to improve their diet, understand their relationship with food and reach a peaceful place. A balanced individual program is created exclusively for each person. It includes a nutrition prescription, bi-weekly counseling sessions and exercise plan. A comprehensive, natural, and lasting lifestyle change for weight management will improve your quality of life. I understand that everyone’s food preferences and needs are different, for so many reasons, that is why we are not here to change them but to make some improvements. Our goal here is not to restrict food or begin a strict diet but to make some adjustments and learn how to make healthier choices. There is so much stress in everyone’s life, eating should not be one of them.

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